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Our bags are BPA Free

These bags are an excellent option if you freeze your birds whole or offer them for sale. They have a professionally packaged look to them which will give your customers confidence in your product. They also hold up very well in the freezer. We carry sizes for chickens and turkeys as well as parts bags. Bags can be used for wild game meat such as elk or venison. We have package options that you can just click on and buy that represent the most requested options. This would be the column on the left. If you would like a different amount of any of the sizes, PLEASE ASK. We are happy to count out however of each size that you may need. Each bag comes with a zip tie to seal the bag at no additional charge. When comparing prices, make sure that you are factoring in the cost of the bag closure and shipping as well as the price of the bags. You will then see what a value it is to buy your bags here. If your local within our area we can rent out to you a Chicken Plucker.  


Our most popular sizes 9x16 and 10x16 we are fully stocked. All other sizes that are listed below we also have in stock and we can take your order right over the phone. Call at 802-533-2595.  

Most Popular Packages

Prices below include the following:
Shrink Bags, Zip Ties, Tubing

USPS Priority Mail Shipping to the USA 

Any or all Applicable PayPal % Fees


Below pricing for shipments within the USA


For Shipments outside of the USA orders must be phoned in

Custom Bag Orders Phone Order Only

Below pricing does not include shipping and handling cost. No specific quantities required, you may order as many as you need. We take any order over the phone call 802-533-2595. 

6x12 - Small Parts Bag - .21¢ 

7x12 - Large Parts Bag or Cornish Game Hens - .26¢ 

9x16 - Fits a 3-5 lb Chicken - .33¢ 

10-x16 - Fits a 5-8 lb Chicken - .39¢

12x18 - Fits a 8-10 lb Chicken - .45¢ 


12x24 - Fits a 12-18 lb Turkey - .65¢

14x24 - Fits a 18-20 lb Turkey -. 70¢ 

16x25 - Fits a 20-25 lb Turkey - .75¢

18x32 - Fits a 25-33 lb Turkey - 1.40¢

Request a quote by using the form below. Indicate the quantity, sizes of the bags you would need and we'll reply with cost of each bag to include shipping and handling. 

Customer ratings 

May 2020 SD Shrink bags we ordered worked like a charm.

Aug 2017 ID customer: You're the greatest, we never have any problem getting what we need. We even get shipments on time. Always very helpful with our orders. They are always happy to serve and hear from us.

May 2017 TX customer: We finally had the opportunity to use some of your shrink bags. They worked BEAUTIFULLY! I will be ordering the large turkey bags soon. Thanks for a wonderful affordable product

Apr 2017 NY customer: very helpful will do business with you again


Nov 2016 CA customer: You guys are awesome! That is why I call to order.

Oct 2016 WA customer: I placed my order over the phone, the lady that helped me was very helpful and had excellent customer service skills


Oct 2016 MO customer: Very friendly and prompt service. We will order again


Jun 2016 Canada customer: I was unsure about ordering online as I'm not good with computers and they helped me right over the phone on a personal bases. Very friendly and polite



Aug 2015 Texas customer: Thank you so much for this wonderful product. We not only use your shrink bags for poultry meat, but we also use the bags for peaches, apples, and will be using the smaller size bags for our tomatoes!! 


June 2015 MN customer: Placed our order over the phone, great customer service, and fast shipping. Processed our poultry birds quick and easy with these bags. Great product will order them again with Top of the Mnt Veg Farm folks!! 


April 2015: Shrink bags you sent to us are awesome. In the past we have used freezer bags or expensive vacuum sealing process. The water bag method shrink bags are by far the best way to go.


Aug 2015: MI Customer: I had placed an paid for an order with Top of the Mountain Veg Farm, and forgot to order a few of their small parts bags. I sent them an email right off letting them know I had forgotten to purchase these bags with my original order. Their CSR person went ahead and included the small parts bags at NO added charge to me. What a fantastic company to work with!! Thank you


Aug 2015: ME Customer: We used your Shrink Bags and we are SO VERY PLEASED with the results. Thank you so much! We will be placing another larger order soon. 


Aug 2015: FL Customer: Your Shrink Bags and service came highly recommended, I'm glad to have placed my order with you. I look forwarded to working with you again. 


Aug 2015: VA Customer: Quck note to let you know the Shrink Bags arrived in RECORD TIME and worked perfectly. Thank you for you fast customer service. 


Sept 2015: KY Customer: Thank you for supplying Shrink bags and being part of making our farm business a success this year.


Nov 2015: WA Customer: Just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of poultry shrink bags last week! I ordered them on Monday and they arrived on Wednesday morning - very fast service. The bags were easy to use & looked very professional.


Nov 2015: MO Customer: Colleen was great on the phone order. When we didn't get our package over night as planned, she called me to let me know what happened & was going to credit the shipping difference. That is customer service. This company was the only one I could find a phone # for on the web site to contact to place my order. Other company we had been using did not offer any phone # to make contact.   





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