About our Farm

Top of the Mountain Vegetable Farm is located in the town of Walden VT. 


We (Colleen Willette & George Peak) purchased the land in 2008 and started a vegetable garden. 


There is a greenhouse connected off to one side of our barn that holds our Hydroponic system for growing fresh herbs, crisp lettuces, and assortment of other greens. We then have a separate 40 foot greenhouse in the field for growing other veggies. 


Located also on our land is a large open ground space for growing carrots, beets, onions, string beans, summer & winter squash and much more.


Our mission is to grow and offer quality fresh vegetables at affordable pricing.



We offer canned produce, such as bread & butter pickles, two types of salsas Walden Heat or Mango, zucchini relish,  pickled beets, dilly beans, dill pickles, and more.  


We are very proud of our hens, they are fine layers and provide fresh eggs daily. And we cannot forget our Nigerian dwarf goats Elvy and Max.  Typical kids, they keep us busy getting in to all sorts of trouble. 


We also have 45 Micron Poultry Shrink Bags which are BPA Free. We have various sizes to choose from. Click on the tab "Poultry Shrink Bags".


Our farm is located at #3324 Coles Pond Road Walden Vermont, at the Top of the Mountain. 


Come on up to visit us, call 802-533-2595, or email us grpciw@myfairpoint.net

About our Vegetable Farm 

​Originally started as a vegetable garden in 2008, and recently expanded and registered as a farm. We are located at 3324 Coles Pond Road in Walden Vermont. We have a barn with attached greenhouse. 

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